We’re on a Mission to Make Mental Health Mainstream

Our Founder, Ryan, nearly took his own life due to depression and anxiety.

His transformative recovery highlighted the need for easier access to essential mental health education.

Savor Lining equips people with the tools and skills to maintain their mental health, and empowers many to savor the joy in their everyday moments.

Our Team

Ashlei Lien, LMFT
Curriculum & Instruction

Ian Roy
Partnerships & Production

Jackie Florian, LMFT
Clinical Instructor

Yazmin Maldonado, LMFT
Clinical Instructor

Drew Kooi
Clinical & Production Intern

Andrew Hahn
Advisor, CRO/CSO

Sung Hae Kim
Advisor, CPO/CHRO

Drew O’Connor
Advisor, CTO

Our Values

Empower through essential education and experiences.

Give golden feedback.

Understand. Achieve. Reflect. Evolve.

Lead with joy.